Zihuatenejo bike shop

During my wandering about Zihuatenejo I happened upon the bike shop “Bi-zihuanas”. I decided it was probably worth getting Edna a service while I was here (she deserved it), and I’m really happy I did. The owner, Alejandro, is a very friendly bloke and Edna came out afterwards looking in great shape like she was up for a night on the town. Alejandro and I talked a bit with a mix of Spanish and English, and just about got to understand each other. Lots of typical nodding, at least from me. Alejandro and his friend Ricardo (whom I met the previous day) are bike enthusiasts; Alejandro having spent some holidays cycling in France on many of le tour routes.

I highly recommend this shop whether you need supplies (good quality stuff there) or repairs or just want to drop by for a bicycle-related chat.




Alejandro and his "Bi-zihuanas" bike shop
Alejandro shows Edna at her best. Though I was almost tempted to trade for one of those yellow bikes on the left

Calle Cuahetemoc No. 39 Col. Centro, Zihuatenejo Gro, Mexico

Zihuatenejo: no sign of Andy Dufresne or Red

I took a rest in Zihuatenejo (how exactly did Red remember the name and have any idea to spell it..?), the place made (even more) famous in the film Shawshank Redemption. It is a little different from what I expected the film to make out but it was a welcome place to spend some time. There are plenty of touristy facilities but it is all mixed with the normal goings on that you’d see in another Mexican town (unlike nearby Ixtapa, a purpose-built Cancun-like resort that was probably imported pre-fabricated from America).

Like most of the tourist places it is the quiet season and a number of places are shut. But it’s no less lively at the local markets where I like to poke around and see how the locals get on.


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