Vegan Shouts

Vegan shouts along the way. Naturally I have to start in Vancouver, BC


Vancouver is pretty vegan-friendly and there are may resources around to help you find what you need. Some of the places I like

  • Sweet Cherubim, Cafe Rhizome, Foundation, Our Town, Bandidas Taquiera


Lots of choice here too but I had a tasty vegan muffin in Solstice Cafe (Pandora Street I think). Green Cuisine was closed at the time unfortunately – I was really hoping to try some mud pie bar again!


Good of the Garden Cafe in Friday Harbor to offer a vegan sandwich option. Pretty good wrap!

ORCAS ISLAND, Washington

Stopped at the market in Eastsound and picked up another good vegan muffin (with fairtrade coffee) for lunch. Lemon poppyseed. Delicious!

Other Washington State…

Slim pickings for a vegan – I had enough trouble getting bread! But there’s always something to find. Just a wee bit limited..


Much improved in Astoria! Rest day there helped and found vegan goods in the Co-op market and Bistro (two kinds of vegan brownie and more). Check them both out


ENCINITAS, California

I didn’t sample too much here, but there’s a Whole Foods and a couple of very vegan-friendly-looking places, such as Lotus Cafe and Swami’s both located on the main Pac Hwy (101) through the main part of town.

SAN DIEGO, California

I’ve made it to San Diego and one of my first stops (conveniently located in Ocean Beach near the Point Loma Hostel) was the Organic Co-op grocery store (on Voltaire). Everything a vegan could wish for I think, and a great deli upstairs to go with it. It’s quite similar to Whole Foods although prices are perhaps slightly cheaper.

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