Route Map and Stats

ROUTE STATS: Here are the numbers!

Trip number of days: 316 (June 13th 2011 to April 23rd 2012)

Distance travelled on the bike: approx 9,200 km (5,700 miles or thereabouts)

Punctures: 11

Stray dogs met on the road: 1,346

Positive shouts, horns and waves from the road (much more in Guatemala): 25,781

Stares of indifference from the road: 44,385

Roadkill count: too many to mention…

Maintenance: new chain in San Diego; new chain, new cassette & service in La Paz (Mexico); new chain & service in Zihuatenejo (Mexico); service in Panajachel, Guatemala

Routes travelled: Pacific coast through USA and into Mexico through Baja California. Ferry to Mazatlan; Pacific coast again through Mexico to Salina Cruz. Inland routes from there – San Cristobal, Comitan, inland through to western El Salvador (Santa Ana); northeast to El Poy border (Honduras); then to Santa Rosa.

I bussed through Honduras to Tegicigulpa, bus again in parts of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. And an unexpected plane ride from Changuinola (northwest Panama) to Panama City when the road was blocked for a week by indigenous protestors!

South America: I was running out of time (amazingly) so Edna flew back to Vancouver from Panama. I then flew to Bogota and took buses for the remainder of my trip. Buses from Bogota, Colombia through Ecuador to Puno, Peru (and back to Lima). Bus distance approx 5,000 km.

5 thoughts on “Route Map and Stats”

  1. Amazing Kieran! Great to get all of the updates so far and looking forward to seeing and hearing all about what’s to come. I hope you’re holding up on the road. Keep up the great work!!

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