Yesterday I posted a couple of pictures of my laden bike and alluded to her name, Edna. Wonder where I got the inspiration for that?

Well, Edna Ruth Byler pretty much started the Fair Trade movement in North America, way back in 1946. She pioneered what has grown into the modern day Ten Thousand Villages stores that are in major cities across the continent.

Here’s to you, Edna (the person) and the impact your actions have had in the world! For more info visit


It was EPIC

Last weekend (13th-15th May) was a combined celebration of Fair Trade – World Fair Trade Day (14th), Fair Trade Vancouver’s 1st anniversary of its Fair Trade Town status and Fair Trade Fortnight (1st – 15th May). So we celebrated with nearly 20,000 people over the weekend and showed them some insights into what Fair Trade is, how it can improve people’s lives and how they can have an impact. And we had a little fun too.

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