Like most people in Vancouver (so it seems) I moved to the city from somewhere else. Before and since living here, I have met many people and realised that even though life isn’t fair, there are things you can do to help change this. I was introduced to Fair Trade Vancouver (a local non-profit) and have been trying to help promote local Fair Trade awareness. There are some amazing people involved in Fair Trade here and it’s inspiring to talk and work with them. I also like to travel around the city by bicycle and in Vancouver it’s a great way to get around.

For this trip I decided to put these two together and I hope to see for myself and learn more about what Fair Trade is to those who actually make the good stuff for us.

And just to make things even more interesting, I’m vegan. This trip, then, is a cycling adventure from Vancouver, Canada to Santiago, Chile (and beyond?) Panama City, Panama*. I will visit a number of Fair Trade producers along the way. And try to eat only vegan food.

*Update Feb 2012 – I got a little distracted with all my Fair Trade visits and realised I was running out of time. This trip is more about Fair Trade than cycling, so in South America I am doing the remainder by bus, but only as far as Bolivia. I’m still making Fair Trade visits, and that’s the main thing for me. I`ll be back in Vancouver by the end of April 2012.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Keeping juggin’ dude…really impressed by the video’s. So many jerks in wagon’s on the roads too…
    Love the photo’s. You’re an inspiration.
    Shame about the tent, but why the names Agnes…sounds like Last of Summer Wine…:)
    Thought you’d be in hotels by now…;)
    Keep posts up, and will talk to you soon.
    Do you have your mobile on you…usu number?

  2. What an inspirational undertaking! Hope you have an amazing time. We will be checking in on your blog regularly to keep track of your adventure. Keep your chin up and know that you are exactly where you’re meant to be. xoxo Sharon & Chris

  3. Best of luck dude! I’ll be thinking of you, wishing you the most amazing insight, adventure and experiences every day.

    Aum. 🙂

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