310 days, 12 countries, 15,000 km, 30+ Fair Trade visits

310 days seems like a long time. It is. But it’s not forever and the end point is at hand. La senora gorda cantando.

But I look at it another way. It’s really the start of another adventure for me. Back in Vancouver, or wherever the future takes me, I’m looking forward to coming home. I’ve been able to appreciate the people and the things I have in life a lot more.

I’m sat in Lima airport, waiting for an evening flight to New York. I’m trying to reflect on the experience. Too much to summarise here: the ups, downs, falls, scares, good, bad, surprising, touching, the people…

My insights into Fair Trade just scratch the surface. Like most things, there’s a lot more to it than just the label on your coffee or chocolate. But it is a step in the right direction. I believe that, despite the downsides I’ve seen. We need to keep fighting for the marginalised producers. I laughed whole-heartedly at the recent petrol ‘crisis’ that gripped Britain recently – people running to panic-buy petrol when there was only the mere threat of a delivery strike. Imagine if banana and coffee and cacao growers went on strike….

It’s amazing what we take for granted and the people who provide these foods for us need a bigger say in the picture. Do try to buy Fair Trade when you can, and more importantly, get informed about the bigger picture and how we can help these millions of small producers and their children lift themselves, however marginally, out of poverty.

Edna shows her undercarriage, ready for packing up
I hit South America a couple of months ago, after swapping the bike for the bus

And don’t worry, Fair Trade Bike Ride isn’t going off-line. I’ve many more stories to tell from my trip and there’ll be more adventures to come, I’m sure of it. Thanks to everyone who’s read the blog and encouraged me along the way. I really appreciate it. Hasta luego!


Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

12 thoughts on “310 days, 12 countries, 15,000 km, 30+ Fair Trade visits”

  1. Well done Kieran on such an achievement. What’s more remarkable is you actually look like you’ve caught some sun. Kieran and tan are not two words easily seen together! All the best. Ashley

  2. Well Kez your epic journey has come to an end after 310 days and great credit to you for undertaking it and sticking with it through all the ups and downs. What an incredible achievement and we are very proud of you!
    Your blogs and photos are great and have given us a big insight and much more understanding into how Fair Trade operates.

    Enjoy your time in New York and a safe journey back to Vancouver.

  3. Your posts have been a nice treat in my Outlook inbox – great stories, perspective, and insight. Looking forward to seeing you back in Vancouver Kieran!

    Dan F

    1. Thanks Jimmy, it’ll be good to get back, get some Trees. However I am off again next week – brother’s wedding, so I’m not _quite_ done yet.
      That’s a great pic you got with Elias – congrats!
      See you soon, K

  4. Hi Kez – thank you for sharing an amazing adventure, you’ve given us glimpses into the reality behind a logo and it’s totally changed my perspective to be able to picture the people you met when spooning out my coffee. A little more connection. Looking forward to hearing more and wishing you a safe journey home xo

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