Bimbo: Mexico’s breadmaker mafia

If you were reading this blog a few months ago, you’ll know about the fun I had trying to escape the tentacles of the Franz breadmaker mafia. Luckily Franz is a regional player, albeit with a lot more reach than I bargained for.

However, for bread in Mexico there’s just no getting away from Bimbo (pronounced Beem-bo). I can’t fathom the reasons for the name, but obviously it’s not the same in Spanish. The cuddly bear mascot reminded me of Mr Stay-Puft from Ghostbusters, and it’s an appropriate comparison given the size of the Bimbo company. Occasionally when I feel like a change from tortillas I check out the Bimbo offerings.

A breadmaker mafia this size clearly has far-reaching tentacles and Bimbo are huge. Grupo Bimbo turns out to be one of the biggest food manufacturers in the world ( They’re only the 4th largest food company in the world behind Unilever, Kraft and Nestle and were the world’s largest bread manufacturer in 2010. Stick that up your pipe and smoke it, Franz! So there’s no getting away from them (except in San Cristobal where I found a number of great independent bakeries).

I really know nothing more about Bimbo’s ethics – though I guess it operates in much the same way as any other huge multinational – but the bread I’ve found so far is vegan friendly. No random milk ingredients or sneaky dairy has been added (though plenty of other ‘un-natural’ ingredients are thrown in there), but I do get to ingest a wide range of interesting-sounding chemicals that are typical within modern bread that never goes stale.

The other fun thing is seeing all the Bimbo bread vans careering around the towns and villages. I think this is where Postman Pat came after the Royal Mail gave him his P45 all those years ago.

Author: kieran

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2 thoughts on “Bimbo: Mexico’s breadmaker mafia”

  1. No freshly made bread by motherly-looking women for sale on the side of the road? No breadmaking machines in sight? They should offer plug-ins by the side of the road, kind of like RV plug-ins… can you imagine. Or I can see in your dream world volunteers handing out homemade loaves on the shoulder just like they hand out Gatorade bars and drinks during all those charity 10K runs.

  2. Hi Keiran – I just want you to know that Im still reading your blog every few daysd and enjoying the trip with you in spirit if not in soul. Your doing so well and really sound like you have got into the stride of things although I have laughed reading the bread update, your mind is way too empty for it to turn to breadvans 😉 – many thanks for the postcard it was wonderful to reicieve it. We have had a busy few months, my wonderful grandad died 2 weeks ago he was 93, we had a huge party at our house after the funeral to celebrate his life and it was in a strange way a great day, full of joy not sadness. Little J is getting bigger by the day and is starting to talk allot now, hes very funny. Take care on the road my freind and keep on writing. x

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