Four punctures in two days. Why not a fifth while I’m at it..?

I’d had my first two punctures a couple of weeks ago on the La Paz – Todos Santos road (unbelievably in the same place when riding back). Bad luck, big nails, but I’d probably done well to get that far without one.

The other day I ride towards San Blas and notice the rear tyre sagging. Ok, how did that happen? Any puncture is annoying and particularly so when fully loaded.

The sun was out and it was warm, so things could have been worse. But job done and I’m off. A while later – same thing. Feck. This time I was within sight of San Blas so I gave the tyre a blast from the pump and hoped I could crawl into town in reasonable shape. And after another quick pump stop I did. Later I checked the tyre and it seemed ok. Repaired the tube, all good.

Next riding day today and a couple of hours in and FFS. Happened again. This was business so the new tube came out. No problem!

I stopped further on to buy some tasty fruit (mango and dinky little bananas). Back on the bike…no feckin’ way. Yep. So, back to where I started and put the most-repaired tube back in. And amazingly it held out long enough to get me through.

Four punctures on the road, the fifth a delayed action one and then having to pay over the odds for a new tube (gringo tax?). But checking the tyre again I think I found the culprit. Whatever had got me near La Paz had just enough bite coming through to get my tubes. Too small to do anything about, it’s patched over and 100% fixed. Right? Better be or Edna will be looking at some quality time by herself.

Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

2 thoughts on “Four punctures in two days. Why not a fifth while I’m at it..?”

    1. Hi Rebecca
      Awesome! Thanks for posting…one thing about this trip is that everything takes a while – so no problem at all that it took you until now. I’m still some way off the first FT visit…but like you I’ll get there eventually!
      ps you picked a great spot for letting your husband know that life-changing news 🙂

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