Rain: a perfect way to get demotivated

Despite the book being a good read and inspiring me to get south to my Fair Trade visits, it is still a book (although technically it’s not even that, just random digital bytes). So it can’t double up as a rain shelter, as much as I’d like it to (or how about a car??). And it’s motivational prowess only goes so far…waking up the other day to the particularly loud noise of dripping water and splashing outside my door, I didn’t feel good. I’d been up in the night anyway and heard the rain. Now it was still coming down and in the early dawn ‘light’ I could tell it wasn’t going to brighten up anytime soon.

For those who enjoy cycling in the rain, I salute you. You’re brave. I’ll do it if I have to, and in Vancouver that’s to be expected. And I prepare for it. Here it’s a little different. It rains. And it’s hot. No point donning rain gear as a) I don’t have any, and b) even if I did I’d be giving out more moisture in sweat than in the rain coming down. So…decision to make: I went back to bed.

The roads were covered, rivers pouring through the streets. Not only would it be unpleasant, I figured it would be pretty sketchy. Would it clear up? The one good thing about these parts is that when it does stop raining, it can clear up pretty quickly. The downside of that…bloody humid. Still, this rain seemed like more fun than back in Vancouver., at least it is while I’m watching from a dry spot inside.

I mooched around in my room, looking out every so often, debating what to do. I could go…maybe a shorter ride today. Hmmm, better to stay though…but do what? The ‘hotel’ was not up to much, the town was pretty quiet, and there was no coffee shop (however, there was a pizza place I stopped at the day before where I went to try to charge up my laptop and it was very friendly. They let me stay there without buying anything (no drinks available and I didn’t fancy a cheese-less pizza) but I got propositioned by an old lady, or possibly a young bloke, I couldn’t tell because it was written on a piece of paper). Anyway…

Luckily by late morning the rain had eased and I knew I’d feel better to get at least a few km done. So a shortened day it was, and through the bright clouds and occasional spot of rain on the way, I got sunburned. Nice touch.

I find days like that really difficult to get going, and had I been in a nicer spot I probably would have stayed. I can’t keep avoiding the rain here or I’ll ever get anywhere (it’s chucking it down again as I write this) but usually there are enough dry spells in the mornings to give me the chance to get somewhere before the heavens open. And my god it does.

Just a wee shower, right?
Where's my anorak?


Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

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