El desierto: Part II

So yes the desert is tough in this heat. But when I’m riding during the day it often doesn’t feel as such, given the breeze that accompanies me along the way. Eventually however it takes its toll and making an effort to get at least some shade is important, if only for a short break. I’ve got used to the ‘bleakness’ and it’s grown on me. The things that I find hardest is the distance in between towns as it’s nice for me to know there are at least a few people somewhere along the way (though conversely I then wonder just what makes a person live all the way out here??). The early mornings and evenings are the best time to be out there.

So onto La Paz…and somehow in the back of my head I couldn’t help thinking, that maybe, just maybe, if things went very well, I could get pretty close. Close enough that there might be an alternative in the small town just outside of La Paz. I wanted to get to Todos Santos the day after so getting as many km in on the first day would make things a lot easier on the second. So a big day ahead and things went about as good as they could have done. A good breakfast to start (tortillas & beans), tailwinds and flat terrain for the first few hours (I could have cycled blindfolded the road was so straight) and so it continued. A delightful German lady stopping to give me a drink; feeling good on the ride; mostly tailwinds and not too many hills. By late afternoon I felt that La Paz was in reach, though I still scouted possible places to sleep. With the sun coming down low I was closing in on La Paz. I got a great view of the bay in the softening light around 40 km out of the city where the plateau begins to drop towards the ocean, and by then I knew I could do it even if it meant the last few km were in the dark.

I didn’t need to get to the city centre, so seeing an RV Park about 11km out, I checked in. and I must have been in a state because the owner asked if I’d like a room instead of camping. At the heavily-discounted price I couldn’t refuse. A hugely satisfying day, clocking my longest day so far.

And seeing as I’ve posted enough pictures of the desert already, here’s a few others things I’ve seen lately…

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Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

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