El desierto: Part I

I spent a nice day in Loreto after my night ride and was able to relax and look around for the rest of the day, although not much was going on due to the heat. It was back inland after that and back into the hills. And somehow those hills just kept on coming. It was looking to be a very uncomfortable day and I didn’t get much respite with a lack of shade to be found when I stopped for lunch. Once on the plateau the wind was up and right in my face. Ah, a headwind for a change…but I wasn’t complaining too much because I knew when i arrived in Cuidad Insurgentes the road takes a sharp left and with it a likely tailwind for most of the rest of the way south. I was pretty spent by the time I reached town and so after some rest my initial plans for desert camping started to look unlikely. It was only 25 km to Cuidad Constitucion, a much bigger town. The irony of a whole day in the empty desert and now having an almost urban corridor made me smile. I thought that to try and get through the town and back into the desert was too much and getting too late. One issue I certainly have is that although Edna looks svelte (from her best angle!) she does carry a hefty package and any off-road situation is almost like pulling a bag of bricks. I did try to get off the main road but I was laughably incompetent trying to get anywhere. So arriving in Cd. Concepcion I lucked out in finding a pretty comfortable RV Park to camp at (with wifi!).

I woke up late the next day, packed up and then decided it was just a little too good (and cheap) to run from. It’s nice to change plans and I ended up staying another couple of nights.

Camping in the desert is not as hard or as bad as it might sound. In fact, some tourers thrive on it (I’ve met them) so it just comes down to whether you want to or not. Coming from the ‘comfortable’ US of A and my difficulties in adjusting in my first few days in Mexico did not really give me the right mindset for it, but I was much more comfortable now and would have been happy trying it out.

Maybe on the road to La Paz…? 210 km lay between me and La Paz and other sleeping options were pretty much non-existent. One night in the desert would be fine, wouldn’t it? But these two might give me some problems…


Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

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