Nick the Greek in San Ignacio

Dates weren’t the only other thing I found in San Ignacio. On arrival I did a quick tour of the village, just to see what it was like and check out the accommodation options. I stopped in the lovely plaza in the village centre to get my bearings and was quickly interrupted out of my distracted thoughts by a ‘hello’. And the accent didn’t sound Spanish. It turns out Nico (“Nick the Greek” as I couldn’t help thinking after he introduced himself) was a Greek-British guy cycling his way from Canada to South America. We chatted for a few minutes and he told me where he was staying, so Agnes got lucky again as I found the campsite Nico was at. We ended up spending the next couple of days together, cycling to Santa Rosalia and to Mulege the following day.

It was good to have some company and (as is often the case with these random encounters) it turns out Nico went to school less than 10km from where I did near lovely Leeds. Somehow we’d never met before then, despite both coming from Vancouver (Nico from Kelowna) at similar times and pretty much on the same route.

Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

One thought on “Nick the Greek in San Ignacio”

  1. Well fancy meeting up with a lad from Leeds & doing a similar trip to yours – amazing! No doubt your paths will cross again.

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