Baja: cycling in a different world

In all sorts of ways the last few days have presented many differences compared to any of the cycling in the US, and most of it is challenging.

I left Ensenada and have pedalled my way through various small towns and villages. Once you leave Ensenada, a tourist honeytrap, things get remote pretty quickly. Adjusting to this new way of riding has been more than I anticipated.The heat has kicked in, the roads are less reliable (“hey, let’s do some roadworks but for now we’ll just dismantle the road surface and worry about the new one next year!”), the hills are more frequent and the scenery more stark.

In the US it was pretty easy to judge daily distances appropriately even though I had a book to help out. Here, I have a map but knowing what actually constitutes a ‘town’ is the fun part (or not). I’ve scaled back thoughts of long days trying to make it across vast stretches of this region. Away from the coast I’ve already had temperatures in the 40s. Trying to avoid the ‘midday sun’ would mean practically cycling through the night. It’s been that hot.

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Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

3 thoughts on “Baja: cycling in a different world”

  1. Awesome man. I’m following your trip from Galore. We had snow not too long ago up here….
    Keep the good stories rolling…


    1. Good to hear from you…snow already!? Crazy. Could do with a little down here…hope Galore going well otherwise, guess you’ll need that Jimmy beard sooner than usual…

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