Ocean Beach: Surfing for Fair Trade Coffee

In my San Diego stay, which is at the Point Loma Hostel near Ocean Beach, I’ve hit the jackpot and am close to the People’s Organic Co-op, a store that puts me in vegan and Fair Trade heaven. Multiple visits per day have been known..

Too bad then that they were closed today for a staff shindig (how dare they, while I’m in town!) and so I had to look elsewhere for my Fair Trade coffee this morning. Ocean Beach has a lot of little coffee places so I thought I’ll find something. At least one certified organic – it’s that kind of neighbourhood… but believe it or not I found nada and the ‘organic’ coffees I did see were few and seemingly labelled as such because the owner thought it might be a handy idea. If you’re looking for hazlenut, vanilla, dunkin donut, almond, mint mocha, even ‘jazzy chestnut’ flavour of coffee then head to Ocean Beach right away (a lot of places open at 5.30am). I couldn’t even bring myself to ask Starbucks (Starbucks in Ocean Beach!?) to brew their Fair Trade Estima blend for me today. So I’ve skipped for now and hopefully can find something elsewhere after lunch..

Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

One thought on “Ocean Beach: Surfing for Fair Trade Coffee”

  1. I find it a bit shocking too that Ocean Beach is light on Fair Trade coffee. Next time you are in town, stop by Java Beach on Point Loma Avenue or Reds http://www.sexybeans.com/ on Rosecrans to find a good cup of Fair Trade joe. We are loving your posts and adventures! I have a special place in my heart for Bahia Concepcion because 5 years ago that was where I announced to my husband that we were expecting our first child! Good stuff.

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