Franz Breadmaker Mafia has many tentacles

After my traumatic experiences with Franz bread in Washington, I thought I might be free from it’s shackles in Oregon. Not so lucky. Seems like their mafiosi are well-established in northern Oregon. I did manage to find some ‘french-style’ sourdough which at least meant I didn’t need to buy their bagels again. Let’s hope for some bread freedom further south…

Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

2 thoughts on “Franz Breadmaker Mafia has many tentacles”

  1. Hi Kieran,
    What an adventure and its only just begun! I received information about your travels from Flavia at Fair Trade Brokers Ltd. I work for Fair Trade USA in the Bay Area and would love to connect with you about potentially organizing some events/connecting you with Fair Trade Town organizers when you’re in the area, as well as Southern California. I know they’d be excited to work something out!

    Please email me when you get chance. Happy Travels!

  2. Hi Kez. On your way again! Hope you enjoyed your stop in Astoria & I see you didn’t go hungry. The pics are great & it must be good having Nicholas for company. Happy cycling. Lol Ma 🙂

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