The Washington ‘Franz’ Breadmaker Mafia

Travelling as a vegan presents its own unique challenges. I’ve had many people wonder (as well as myself) how I will cope with the non-vegan Latin American world. We shall see.

I didn’t quite expect to have problems as I meandered through Washington. Less choice, certainly, but real difficulty? Surely not…and being mostly rural, each town typically had little choice of grocery store and it seems even less choice for the company who makes your bread. I encountered ‘Franz’ for the first time.

Quick ingredient check…oh, milk products. I see. Next. Ah, same. Right, next one then…ok this is getting silly. And lo and behold pretty much every single loaf contained milk products or eggs. I often wonder why particular ingredients are in certain products and this was no exception. In every loaf?? Not one without…? Well, after a lot of hunting and not a few stares from the shelf stacker waiting patiently while I scrutinised his wares I did find some Franz bagels that did not contain milk products. Yay! They’re vegan friendly! But check out what else they contain.. Any chemists out there who can explain the need for all those ‘tasty’ extras..???

You’d think that just a little more choice would be available in these parts, but perhaps they’re in cahoots with the Washington dairy association or some other such friendly corporate lobby group..

Franz Plain Bagels. Warning: Does not contain dairy
Franz Plain Bagels. But here's what they do contain...

Things didn’t quite get to the point where it was a matter of loaf and death:

Author: kieran

vancouver, fair trade, bike touring

4 thoughts on “The Washington ‘Franz’ Breadmaker Mafia”

  1. loaf and death! lol!

    You have to lookout for Ferdinand brand too – I think they partner with Franz sometimes to make scottish bagels.

    1. yes i believe the Ferdinand bread brand comes with a free kilt and is made with oats. Though I’m possibly concerned that it’s really just shortbread with lots of butter..

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